The Lioness

This painting is one of the first I’ve ever done on canvas. It was a set of four. But it was also my favorite. I have some people confuse it for other jungle cats, which is totally understandable. But just to clarify, she is a lioness. And she is for a reason.

I’m sure we’re all quite aware of the lions position and his symbolism. A lioness is basically a female version of that. The feminine embodiment of respect, pride, and fearlessness. But, at the same time, she is so much more. She ignites those same feelings, but she is also a bearer of life. A nurturer, a support system. The role she plays is vital to the survival of the species.

Often times, it’s forgotten how important women are. We’re literally a portal to life. And yet, carry on the same day to day activities as our male counterparts.  That’s why it’s so important that this lioness is recognized as such. She’s an amazing being, capable of feats that males rarely think twice about. She deserves her recognition.



Happy Thanksgiving

Today will be spent eating copious amounts of home cooked deliciousness in my stretchiest leggings as I wistfully long for Friday to be canceled so that I can sleep in just one more day. For those spending the day surrounded by family, friends and loved ones, I hope you soak in all the goodness before heading back to reality. For those spending the day alone, use this time to relax and reflect on this year and prepare for the next.

Remember to make yourself smile today.


Why do you keep painting women?

You’ll notice my subjects of choice are women. There’s definitely a reason for this. A woman’s body is consistently exploited for numerous reasons, and always with a sexual undertone. Very rarely do you see an image of a woman’s body being celebrated for what it is: the origin of life. I paint women the way that I do not to be provocative, but rather to embrace the beauty. Women are magical. Everything about us screams power. Women are givers of life. Our bodies perform some pretty incredible things. It’s about time they’re recognized for that.