Why do you keep painting women?

You’ll notice my subjects of choice are women. There’s definitely a reason for this. A woman’s body is consistently exploited for numerous reasons, and always with a sexual undertone. Very rarely do you see an image of a woman’s body being celebrated for what it is: the origin of life. I paint women the way that I do not to be provocative, but rather to embrace the beauty. Women are magical. Everything about us screams power. Women are givers of life. Our bodies perform some pretty incredible things. It’s about time they’re recognized for that.




2 thoughts on “Why do you keep painting women?

  1. I like a woman’s body. I like how we have curves, we’re pretty & I really like the way we express ourselves with our clothes & the way we decorate ourselves. I don’t this there is a problem with you addressing women as subjects in your paintings. I do also feel that we are way too sexualized & just because a woman’s body is curvy & beautiful doesn’t mean it must always be presented & viewed from the perspective of sexuality. I would like to see what you do.

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